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this my ringtone and alarm for when I wake up

I get the impression Mao's going to beat the FS world record too? :T Cause the post-2010 rule changes and all. . . what's your take on this?






Mao skated clean at Olympics 2014 free skate, and she didn’t break the world record. If Mao skates clean at WC, added with home advantage, she could set a controversial world record. At the 2014 Olympics, Yuna, Adelina, and Mao all skated cleans for free program. Even then, Mao still got a lower fs score than the two. No one broke the world record there. So if Mao does end up breaking the world record at the world champs tomorrow, it would be a questionable result. She would have performed two clean free programs: the Olympics and Worlds. The two that would be under same judging system but with two different scores? One not beating the medalists, and another breaking the world recorld… The result would be contradicting the Olympics judging results, and vice versa. The two competition were a month apart from one another and are under the same judging system, so how can the same skater get two different scores (~5 point jump) ? Then there is the PCS and tech and etc to consider. All of this not even commentators can explain without getting lost in the midst of explaining it„,without confusing themselves. Remember judges are the ones who give the PCS is, so I wouldn’t be surprised at what they pull out of their sleeves. This is something that fans just need to get used to if you want to survive the world of figure skating.  


Same thing happened to Yuna Kim in the 2013 Worlds SP, tbh.

LOL, “clean.”

I don’t know, then we can argue give excuse that yuna sp was underscored as well in olympics because she was competing earlier…? Clean according to the judges, clearly. We can pinpoint every aspect otherwise point the damn toe, two foots, under rotate prerotate etc. etc. then every skaters would have be failures in what they do lol.

Well she was underscored….

I’ll just have to face the truth that the ONLY WAY people can generally be supportive of Mao is when she places 16th, or messes up her jumps. Oh poor her, hope she does better blahblahblah. Then when she skates fantastic, cries of ~INFLATION!~ and ~CONTROVERSY!~ surround the place. Even the British Eurosport guys had the confidence to announce that she can break WR with her skate even before her score came up. So maybe they were bought by Japan too lol? 

FYI, no one has pulled out the protocols to enlighten us why/how/where Mao was “over-scored” in her SP yet.

To add to that, even as a Mao fan, I think the chances of breaking WR are slim in FS. She hasn’t done two clean programs in a while. I would love to be proven wrong though.

lol this is off topic but i found this guy on omelge who looks like scott and he said he was 26. I told him he looked like scott moir and made him look him up. I jokingly talked to him like he was scott if only he really was. That;s my story proving I have no life. 


so heres a list compiling what i have in my likes, my bookmarks and my reference tag
it took me four hours so you guys better reblog it
hair tutorials:
messy bun tutorial
different ways to braid
elsa-ish braid
how to fishtail
romantic curls
waterfall braid
three-braid updo
another elsa-ish braid
braided bun
braided headband
hecka cute messy bun
ways to wear scarves/bandanas
lovely bun with braids
dutch braid crown
pin curls!
braided ponytail
braid + bun updo
how to do pastel hair
8 ways to wear a bow
4-strand braid
double wrap braid
makeup tips:
how to apply eyeliner
how to apply blush
6 makeup tips
winged eyeliner tutorial
how to do your makeup with a spoon
how to apply eyeshadow
natural beauty remedies
a guide to eyeliner
ombre eyeliner
sparkly party makeup
silver eye makeup tutorial
what makeup complements my complexion?
what makeup suits you?
lipstick tricks
writing tips:
character development sheet
body language
the 12 archetypes 
name generator 1
dialogue tips
how to write female characters
characterization tips
info about the 50s/60s/70s
fictional languages
get past writers block
surname master post
name generator 2
234 synonyms for ‘said’
writing tips masterpost
make blueprints for houses
names for fictional worlds
seven steps to the perfect story
helpful descriptive words
how to write smut
fantastic clothes and where to find them:
rad leggins
hecka adorable tights
old fashioned clothes
sherlock-inspired outfits
more badass tights
more rad tights
knit fairy tale hoods
leather fairy tale footwear
guide to shoes
find clothes that your favorite characters have worn
green day-inspired outfits (1)(2)(3)
beatles-themed outfits
probably the most fancy punk rock dress ever
hella rad ear cuffs
motherfucking medieval circlet crown things
hella sexy 50s halter dress
"persephone" dress
panda onesie
pop art dress
hella sexy corset
beatle girls fashion
fashion inspiration
exceptionally punk rock leather vest
fandom things:
geek engagement rings
star trek engagement rings
avengers-inspired outfits
homestuck makeup
loki-inspired eye makeup
make pokeball cookies
teen castiel boots
themed key neclaces
night vale bingo
beatles movie masterpost
lord of the rings-themed nails
how to make butterbeer
do your hair like the ladies in game of thrones
disney villains makeup
various fandom dresses
captain america leather jacket
dean winchester leather jacket
shelf life of food
lavender lemonade
motherfucking pie
how to make nutella fudge
ultimate guide to chocolate chip cookies
easy snacks
muffin in a mug
cheeseburger cupcakes
how to make huge food
starbucks secret menu
oreo cookie butter
panera mac n’ cheese
starbucks holiday drinks
nutella hot chocolate
pastry folding 101
mini lemon and blueberry cheesecakes
david bowie-inspired cocktails
french bread pizza
15 pound homemade snickers bar
make candy crystal meth
reeses peanut butter cheesecake
extra fancy garlic bread
smoothie recipes for everything
chocolate chip cookie dough brownie pie
4 different smoothies
bread crusts with herbs
cookies n’ cream cupcakes
mini tortilla crust pizzas
mini mac n’ cheese pies
deep dish cookie for one
roasted tomato pasta
best grilled cheese
best chocolate cake
potato rissole 
french toast rollups
peanut butter crownies
pumpkin spice smoothie
s’mores stuffed pizza cookie
the best cookie recipes
chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs
how to make chocolate lasagna
mini apple pies
art tutorials/tips:
hundreds of pose references wowie
how to draw profiles 
a guide to figure drawing (this helped me a hecka lot)
drawing eyes
lip tutorial
how to draw jeans
amaze color blender
hands hands hands
more hands
torso reference
painting blood
how to draw shoes/feet
psychology of color
simple expression guide
sitting poses
more color psychology
drawing hair and fur
hecka lot of clothing refs
pose reference blog
another hand tutorial
how to draw arms
expression tutorial
skin color palatte
how to draw booties
drawing ears
hands at sides tutorial
drawing heads
guide to foreshortening
drawing cats
how to be healthy:
meditation tips
how to take the perfect nap
how much exercise do you need? 
site that will help you focus/get work done
10 hours of calming heavy rainfall
dozens of healthy recipes for every occasion
when you’re feeling suicidal
create your own safe haven
healthy, soothing, calming drinks 
how to burn stomach fat
how to love yourself
recovery resources
health tips for students
happy jar
how to make your tea perfect
amazing smoothies
bunnies telling you how good you are
how to make a glitter jar
night vale monopoly
learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse
how to play ‘sherlock’
supernatural workout
learn a new language!
learn london slang
take personality tests
watch this video
make gifs
see what its like to live on minimum wage
watch great vines
give people free rice by answering trivia!
make a flower crown
turn your handwriting into a font
take a dialect test
learn how to write elvish
take this amazingly accurate color quiz
live kitty cam


so heres a list compiling what i have in my likes, my bookmarks and my reference tag

it took me four hours so you guys better reblog it

hair tutorials:

makeup tips:

writing tips:

fantastic clothes and where to find them:

fandom things:


art tutorials/tips:

how to be healthy:


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I tried to scroll past this. I really did.


Scott "Leave My Tessa Alone/You’re Full of Bullshit, Tess" Moir’s reaction to Tessa’s Sportsnet photo shoot.

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I will always reblog things like this, it won’t ruin your blog or the look of it, and this could potentially save a life.

Just in case…


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